About us

We had been providing professional services in comprehensive production of promotional materials and implementation of BTL and ATL promotional activities since 2005.

We provide comprehensive services to large organisations, from project marketing strategy to complete implementation and related logistics. Our success is the result of many years of experience and professionalism of the creative, sales and production team.
People in our team keeps expanding their knowledge and skills, using Community funding under EFS education projects.
We keep upgrading our graphic studio, investing in new production equipment and implementing new POS production processes.

We grow with our clients.

  1. People:
    Experienced team with many years of experience in international environment of marketing and sales. Before we launched our own business we had been contributing the success of following brands: POLLENA 2000, DOVE, OMO, PEPSI, PERSIL, FA, TAFT, PALETT, SCHAUMA, POLY GLISS KUR, AVIKO, MAKLER, IXI, SKRZAT, SOPLICA, GALLO. We were honored to work for the recent success of WÓDKA BOLS – we were the marketing team behind ŁÓDKA, which changed marketing standards in Poland.
  2. Processes:
    We have the latest in production of advertising materials. Our own machine fleet, own production and warehouse spaces, processes certified by ISO and LLOYDS. This all translates into competitive pricing to our clients.
  3. Clients:
    Presently we are working for Bosch, Wedel, Delitissue, Dorken, Tchibo, but we always look forward to meet new clients.
  4. Collaboration:
    We had been the member of Promotion Service Institute since 2007, and since 2008 we had been the member of Solidni w Biznesie, an organisation grouping companies with stable financing condition.
    In 2010 we joined Polish Chamber of Promotional Articles, with Agnieszka Sędzikowska, our Client Service Director has been the Member of the Board for the second term now.
  5. Pro publico bono:
    Our company is supporting Nasze Dzieci Foundation at the Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka hospital.

We work for the benefit of our business, but we also intend to conserve our environment, and thus, despite high costs, we have built our new headquarters using environmentally friendly technology with no environmental impact and ensuring maximum comfort to our employees.

The structure of RITF advnet Polska Sp z o.o. is as follows:

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Presentation in Polish – download

You are always welcome at our office.

With best regards

Jakub Wlazło

Managing Board of RITF